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Window Cutting Window Cutting Window Cutting

Window Cutting

Looking to enlarge or add an entirely new window or fire exit?

Window hole cutting from Eisses Enterprises in Barrie, Ontario

We have lots of experience cutting spaces in your concrete or brick wall for a window, and installing windows in the space. Our saws are perfect for making sure we don't over cut into your fancy stone or concrete walls, so you can rest assured that your wall will still look perfect.

Many people enlarge or cut an entirely new window into their basement for more light or a fire exit to keep renters or family members safe.

In some cases where brick is above the window you need to install a new Metal Angle (lintel) to hold the rest of the brick up. We can handle this and other things that may be required to install a new window, including the window installation itself!

Call Eisses Enterprises in Barrie, Ontario for more information about our Window Cutting services

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Last Updated On: February 27, 2017
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